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Integrate with GitLab

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You can integrate GitLab with external applications for enhanced functionality.

Project integrations

Applications like Jenkins, Jira, and Slack are available as project integrations.

Issue trackers

You can configure an external issue tracker and use:

  • The external issue tracker with the GitLab issue tracker
  • The external issue tracker only

Authentication providers

You can integrate GitLab with authentication providers like LDAP and SAML.

For more information, see GitLab authentication and authorization.

Security improvements

Solutions like Akismet and reCAPTCHA are available for spam protection.

You can also integrate GitLab with the following security partners:

GitLab can check your application for security vulnerabilities. For more information, see Secure your application.


When working with integrations, you might encounter the following issues.

SSL certificate errors

When you use a self-signed certificate to integrate GitLab with external applications, you might encounter SSL certificate errors in different parts of GitLab.

As a workaround, do one of the following:

Search Sidekiq logs in Kibana

To locate a specific integration in Kibana, use the following KQL search string:

`json.integration_class.keyword : "Integrations::Jira" and json.project_path : "path/to/project"`

You can find information in:

  • json.exception.backtrace
  • json.exception.class
  • json.exception.message
  • json.message

Test Failed. Save Anyway error

When you configure an integration on an uninitialized repository, the integration might fail with a Test Failed. Save Anyway error. This error occurs because the integration uses push data to build the test payload when the project does not have push events.

To resolve this issue, initialize the repository by pushing a test file to the project and configure the integration again.