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Polling interval multiplier

DETAILS: Tier: Free, Premium, Ultimate Offering: Self-managed

The GitLab UI polls for updates for different resources (such as issue notes, issue titles, and pipeline statuses) on a schedule appropriate to the resource.

Adjust the multiplier on these schedules to adjust how frequently the GitLab UI polls for updates. If you set the multiplier to:

  • A value greater than 1, UI polling slows down. If you see issues with database load from lots of clients polling for updates, increasing the multiplier can be a good alternative to disabling polling completely. For example, if you set the value to 2, all polling intervals are multiplied by 2, which means that polling happens half as frequently.
  • A value between 0 and 1, the UI polls more frequently so updates occur more frequently. Not recommended.
  • 0, all polling is disabled. On the next poll, clients stop polling for updates.

The default value (1) is recommended for the majority of GitLab installations.


To adjust the polling interval multiplier:

  1. On the left sidebar, at the bottom, select Admin Area.
  2. Select Settings > Preferences.
  3. Expand Polling interval multiplier.
  4. Set a value for the polling interval multiplier. This multiplier is applied to all resources at once.
  5. Select Save changes.