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Identify issue boards with GraphQL

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This page describes how you can use the GraphiQL explorer to identify existing issue boards in the gitlab-docs documentation repository.

Set up the GraphiQL explorer

This procedure presents a substantive example that you can copy and paste into your own instance of the GraphiQL explorer:

  1. Copy the following code excerpt:

    query {
      project(fullPath: "gitlab-org/gitlab-docs") {
        statistics {
        boards {
          nodes {
  2. Open the GraphiQL Explorer page.

  3. Paste the query listed above into the left window of your GraphiQL explorer tool.

  4. Select Play to get the result shown here:

GraphiQL explorer search for boards

If you want to view one of these boards, take one of the numeric identifiers shown in the output. From the screenshot, the first identifier is 105011. Navigate to the following URL, which includes the identifier:

For more information on each attribute, see the GraphQL API Resources.