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Group DevOps Adoption

DETAILS: Tier: Ultimate Offering: SaaS, self-managed

DevOps Adoption shows you how groups in your organization adopt and use the most essential features of GitLab.

You can use Group DevOps Adoption to:

  • Identify specific subgroups that are lagging in their adoption of GitLab features, so you can guide them on their DevOps journey.
  • Find subgroups that have adopted certain features, and provide guidance to other subgroups on how to use those features.
  • Verify if you are getting the return on investment that you expected from GitLab.

DevOps Adoption

View DevOps Adoption


  • You must have at least the Reporter role for the group.

To view DevOps Adoption:

  1. On the left sidebar, select Search or go to and find your group.
  2. Select Analyze > DevOps adoption

DevOps Adoption categories

DevOps Adoption shows feature adoption for development, security, and operations.

Category Feature
Development Approvals
Code owners
Merge requests
Security DAST
Dependency Scanning
Fuzz Testing
Operations Deployments

Feature adoption

DevOps Adoption shows feature adoption data for groups and subgroups for the previous calendar month.

A feature shows as adopted when a group has used the feature in a project during the time period. This includes projects in any subgroups of the group. For example, if an issue was created in a project in a group, the group has adopted issues in that time.

Exceptions to feature adoption data

When GitLab measures DevOps Adoption, some common DevOps information is not included:

  • Dormant projects. It doesn't matter how many projects in the group use a feature. Even if you have many dormant projects, it doesn't lower the adoption.
  • New GitLab features. Adoption is the total number of features adopted, not the percent of features.

When DevOps Adoption data is gathered

A weekly task processes data for DevOps Adoption. This task is disabled until you access DevOps Adoption for a group for the first time.

The data processing task updates the data on the first day of each month. If the monthly update fails, the task tries daily until it succeeds.

DevOps Adoption data may take up to a minute to appear while GitLab processes the group's data.

View feature adoption over time

The Adoption over time chart shows the total number of adopted features from the previous twelve months. The chart only shows data from when you enabled DevOps Adoption for the group.

To view feature adoption over time:

  1. On the left sidebar, select Search or go to and find your group.
  2. Select Analyze > DevOps adoption.
  3. Select the Overview tab.

Tooltips display information about the features tracked for individual months.

Add or remove a subgroup

To add or remove a subgroup from the DevOps Adoption report:

  1. Select Add or remove subgroups.
  2. Select the subgroup you want to add or remove and select Save changes.

It may take up to a minute for subgroup data to appear while GitLab collects the data.