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Administer GitLab

Learn how to administer a self-managed GitLab instance.

Get started **{chevron-right}**

Administration overview.
All feature flags **{chevron-right}**

Complete list of flags.
Authentication and authorization **{chevron-right}**

Third-party authentication providers.
Configure your installation **{chevron-right}**

Installation settings.
Update your Admin Area settings **{chevron-right}**

Product settings.
Configure GitLab Dedicated **{chevron-right}**

IP allowlists, SAML, maintenance.
Maintain your installation **{chevron-right}**

Backup and restore, move repos, maintenance tasks.
Secure your application **{chevron-right}**

SSH key limits, 2FA, tokens, hardening.
Administer users **{chevron-right}**

Passwords, user moderation, broadcast messages.

Only GitLab team members have access to administration tools and settings on